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Lisa & Teddy Simpkins started Affiliate-MarketingPro because we realized how important it is in any business to find tools,resources and information to help aid in your efforts of online business.

That’s why we created Affiliate-MarketingPro. Teddy and I have been working online for over 27 years in marketing,affiliate marketing,social media management and web design.

We were always looking for resources,tools etc. to help and to fit the budget.So we decided to create a blog with

just that…

Along the way, we struggled to find what we needed at that particular time.So we spent a lot of time and money searching and researching, taking valuable time away from our work/business.We were getting burned out and dissatisfied with everything.I am sure you may have felt the same way at times in your own efforts of trying to make it online.

We want to be influential,helpful and someone you can come to in a time of need for your business needs.We will be providing tools,resources,PDF’s,ebooks,software and more.If you have anything that you want to share pertaining to the topics mentioned..just drop us a note.I will review your request and let you know if you will be added to the titled section.

Titled Sections:We love to post free stuff.




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